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Your highest quality, online, Business VoIP telephone system with worldwide (virtual) telephone numbers, services, and more for the very best prices. High-quality telephone communication is an important condition for the successful operation of any business. When setting up a telephone connection, the main challenge is to choose a reliable telecommunications company that can quickly provide high-quality service and offer reasonable prices.

  • Want to stay connected?
  • Reliable Connections that keep you in the loop and never let you down.
  • Flexible Services that adapt instantly to the needs of your business.
  • Unrivaled Quality that ensures you never have to settle for anything less.


Here's How it Works

  • Establish a telephone or station connection.
  • To organize the connection for communication between (remote) employees and branches of the company
  • Use local or international numbers.
  • Choose a favorable price plan.
  • Supported Brands

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    Our premium VoIP service allows your business to stay connected no matter where you are.

    Our unrivaled IT support capabilities can help all sizes of business and internal IT teams, no matter what your needs.

    Quick and Easy Connection

    If there is a technical possibility, the connection will be established within 1-2 working days.

    Increasing the Efficiency of Telephone Calls

    Increasing the Efficiency of Telephone Calls.


    Minimal costs for connection and maintenance, or no capital costs at all. All calls within the company, as well as between branches and teleworkers, are free of charge.

    Unlimited Number of Simultaneous Calls

    Fast and flexible service scalability based on your tasks and the multiplicity of phone number channels allow you to answer every call and stay connected at all times.

    Selection of Additional Options

    When activating the service, the subscriber automatically receives all the Cloud Station possibilities - from recording calls to organizing telephone conferences, with the option to manage it through a personal account, support service, or short command system.

    Reliability and Security

    In the event of a loss of Internet connection, calls to the main number will be diverted to mobile phones. We also prevent interception of calls.

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    Frequently asked questions

    You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers

    The Hosted IPPBX or Virtual IPPBX is the heart of the ClinTech Cloud PBX solution. We use a commercial-grade, software-based IPPBX, or central telephone system known for its reliability and flexibility. Once you log into the Virtual PBX, you can view and manage your client and telephone accounts.

    We will supply you with the details to set up your account in the hardware and software. We set up your account in the Hosted PBX, and you’ll receive login details for that too.

    Our SoftPhone, which is tried, tested, and is built for reliability. There are various other brands and implementations for softphones too. As long as they adhere to the SIP standard, they all should be fine.

    Any hardware that is SIP compliant should work within our cloud PBX system. We’ll supply you with the details to set up your account so that you can use the hardware of choice. We test with as many possible brands as possible so that compatibility is perfect.

    With ClinTech Cloud PBX, you can call any other telephone number globally (all our solutions are based on A- Z termination, which means termination anywhere). You do not have to worry when you want to call your geolocation sites within the United States or abroad. If they have a number you can dial, we’ll connect you.

    When you sign up with us, we’ll supply you with new numbers in the area of your business or place of business, or we can port your current numbers into our systems too. Some countries have unique virtual numbers for other purposes, such as numbers that are not tied to a specific geographic area, and we can help you with those as well.

    As we adhere to the SIP standard, you can use any SIP-compliant device or piece of software. The SIP standard itself is the description of how SIP compliant devices and services should talk to each other and therefore be able to understand each other.

    You should open a Support ticket with ClinTech Systems. This way, your question can be traced by you and us.

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